• July 13, 2024
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Nicolas Cage As Dracula First Look Revealed In New Movie Set Photos

First Look of Nicolas Cage As Count Dracula from the set of  ‘Renfield”
NICOLAS Cage is a very pale-looking Dracula in first look photos from the set of Renfield.
Nicholas Hoult plays the vampire’s unwilling assistant in the upcoming horror-comedy from The Tomorrow War director Chris McKay. Renfield also stars Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, Adrian Martinez and Shohreh Aghdashloo.
The character of Renfield was of course originated by Bram Stoker in his famed Dracula novel. The most famous depiction of the character on-screen then came via actor Dwight Frye in 1931’s Bela Lugosi Dracula. Over the years a lot of other notable actors have tackled the Renfield role as well, including Klaus Kinski, Arte Johnson and Tom Waits.
Previously always relegated to lackey status alongside the iconic vampire, Renfield now gets the spotlight as Hoult takes over the role for a modern-day horror-comedy, with Cage’s vampire taking a backseat this time around.
But even though Dracula may be the number two character in Renfield, there’s clearly more excitement about Cage’s performance as the vampire than there is over Hoult’s turn as his henchman. Now thanks to People fans have gotten their first look at Cage’s Dracula and it appears to be a wild performance indeed. Click here to see all the first look set photos from Renfield.
It’s of course hard to guess exactly what to expect from Cage’s performance as Dracula given what an unpredictable performer he can be (he recently indicated that he took inspiration from David Bowie and his own father August Coppola, for what that’s worth).
But these new images certainly seem to promise a very over-the-top, even cartoonish vampire. Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows indeed leaps to mind when looking at Cage’s pale face, purple lips and very on-the-nose vampire costume. Hoult meanwhile looks much more average in the one image of him in which he is wearing a purple sweatshirt. But all is probably not well for Renfield as that sweatshirt happens to be spattered with blood.
Plot details on Renfield are of course being kept under wraps, but the movie was described by writer-producer Robert Kirkman as “a fun, extremely violent comedy” about “how sh–ty a job” it is being Dracula’s henchman. Indeed serving a vampire seems like a job that would cause a person a lot of stress, and that might go double when the vampire in question is played by Cage.
Thanks to the handful of set photos that have now made their way out, it does indeed appear that the comedy element of Renfield will be strong and rather wacky. That should come as great news to Cage fans who enjoy nothing more than watching their favorite meme-able star chew up the scenery with reckless abandon. (source: screenrant.com)
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